Hi, I’m HyoJung. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) advised by Marine Carpuat and Jordan Boyd-Graber. I participate in the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing (CLIP) Lab. I’m also working with Kevin Duh at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). In 2024, I am interning with Huda Khayrallah at Microsoft. In 2023, I interned with Changhan Wang at Meta FAIR.

I am interested in Multilingual and Multimodal NLP targeting seamless communication by tackling language barriers and even background gaps. More specifically, I am interested in Machine Translation in various modalities and input streams like the modality of text(T2T)/speech(S2T)/audio-visual(AVSR/AVST) and simultaneous/offline(full-input). I am also interested in the Multilingual Question Answering system, and the evaluation method of the NLP model.

Before my Ph.D., I was a research engineer at Samsung Research (SR), the advanced R&D hub of Samsung Electronics’ SET business. I mainly worked on simultaneous and offline speech/text translation in the Efficient Neural Machine Translation Team at SR. (Try SR translator!) I completed my M.S. at KAIST.

For more details about me, here’s my Curriculum Vitae.

Recent Publications

XLAVS-R: Cross-Lingual Audio-Visual Speech Representation Learning for Noise-Robust Speech Perception.
HyoJung Han, Mohamed Anwar, Juan Pino, Wei-Ning Hsu, Marine Carpuat, Bowen Shi and Changhan Wang.
ACL 2024. (main, long)

Bridging Background Knowledge Gaps in Translation with Automatic Explicitation.
HyoJung Han, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Marine Carpuat.
EMNLP 2023. (main, long)

SimQA: Detecting Simultaneous MT Errors through Word-by-Word Question Answering.
HyoJung Han, Marine Carpuat and Jordan Boyd-Graber.
EMNLP 2022. (main, long)


  • May/2024 - Start research internship at Microsoft in Redmond!
  • May/2024 - XLAVS-R accepted at :sparkles:ACL 2024 main conference:sparkles:
  • Mar/2024 - XLAVS-R paper is out! Thanks to my manager and all the authors I worked with during my Meta AI internship.
  • Dec/2023 - Presented Automatic Explicitation at EMNLP2023, Singapore 🇸🇬
  • Oct/2023 - Automatic Explicitation accepted at :sparkles:EMNLP 2023 main conference:sparkles: AGAIN!
  • May/2023 - Start Research Scientist Intern at Meta FAIR in New York City!
  • Jan/2023 - I won UMD Graduated School’s Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award :tada: All thanks to my advisors and CS department!
  • Dec/2022 - Presented SimQA at EMNLP2022, Abu Dhabi :mosque:
  • Oct/2022 - SimQA accepted at :sparkles:EMNLP 2022 main conference:sparkles:!
  • Sep/2021 - Paper accepted at WMT 2021.
  • Aug/2021 - I am excited to start as a PhD student @UMD!
  • Jan/2021 - Paper accepted at ICASSP 2021.
  • Dec/2020 - Another arXiv paper is out
  • Oct/2020 - I won Samsung Best Paper Awards 2020 as a first author! Thank you for the praise and prize :dollar:!
  • July/2020 - Invited as panelists in IWSLT 2020 Simultaneous Speech Translation task Panel discussion. See y’all at 9th July 12:30 PST!
  • July/2020 - Our submission achieved the best score :trophy: in the low-latency mode at Simultaneous Speech Translation task IWSLT 2020!
  • May/2020 - Two papers accepted at IWSLT 2020.
  • April/2020 - Gave my speech in PML4DC@ICLR2020.
  • Jan/2020 - Paper accepted at ICASSP 2020.

:bell: HyoJung Han ← HouJeung Han

To avoid any confusion, I want to clarify that my alphabetical name has been officially changed to “HyoJung Han” from “HouJeung Han” since July 2020. (same Korean name “한효정”) After the Amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Passport Act enables the revision, I decided to change it despite the mess afterward. The main reason is that there is an obvious discrepancy between the original pronunciation in Korean(close to HyoJung) and in the previous alphabetical name(HouJeung) as well as the resulting problems from small to critical one because of this.

I know most of my listed publications are in “HouJeung” but it’s me, “HyoJung”! :wink: